Concrete Services and Product Options

Concrete services are vital in the erection and building of housing zones, business and industrial zones, highways, roads and many other edifices.  Businesses or private individuals that offer concrete services may utilise any or all of the following options that are available in concrete finishes today:

Concrete in History

Concrete is a compound made of abrasive grainy material (the cumulative or filler) entrenched in a solid mould of material (the cement or joiner) that seals the gaps of the cumulative particles and binds them with each other.

The Hoover Dam, the Panama Canal and the Roman Pantheon are some of the world’s most prominent concrete edifices. Ancient Romans were the first to employ concrete in building huge structures.  Sand concrete was an extensively used material during the Roman Period – the Pantheon has the largest concrete dome in the world and the Colosseum was constructed mainly with concrete.

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