Concrete Services and Product Options

Concrete services are vital in the erection and building of housing zones, business and industrial zones, highways, roads and many other edifices.  Businesses or private individuals that offer concrete services may utilise any or all of the following options that are available in concrete finishes today:

Plain Concrete

Plain concrete has physical properties that are very similar to stone, and it is the most commonly used man made material in the world.  Because concrete is comparatively cheap, strong, readily available and ‘shapeable’ it is used to build an extremely diverse range of structures – everything from residential homes to bridges.  In modern times, concrete continues to be the primary construction material in many buildings.

Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete is used to add aesthetic appeal to an area or building while still retaining the full functionality of plain concrete. It is steadily rising in popularity due to its durability, creativity and wide variation of colour and texture. Some of the methods include acid staining, decorative overlays, polished concrete, concrete countertops and vertical overlays.  Decorative overlay is a very cost effective way to revitalize old concrete.

Commercial Concrete

Concrete has many benefits as a construction material for commercial building.  The ability to add reinforcing steel bars inside the concrete to increase the strength is one of its biggest advantages, as this simplifies the process of constructing a strong and durable building. Concrete can be formed into the exact shape required onsite and once set, has the ability to withstand massive compression forces.

Concrete Cutting

Floor sawing can be used on any horizontal or flat concrete surface.  Ap0plications include road works, driveway and kerb removal, plumbing and drainage trenches, and expansion cutting.  Another method of concrete cutting is core drilling – an efficient method for more precise applications such as plumbing and electrical holes.  Wall sawing is used for cutting doorways and windows, removing parts of existing walls and cutting around towers and pipes.

Ready Mixed Concrete

Ready mix concrete is a type of concrete that is pre manufactured according to a set recipe and then delivered to a work site by truck mounted transit mixers.  This allows for specialty concrete mixtures to be developed and implemented on construction sites.  It is sometimes preferred over on-site concrete mixing because of the reduced work site confusion and the ability to have a very precise mixture.

Concrete Repairs

Concrete repairs can fix any defective, deteriorated or damaged concrete, restoring structural function and protecting the surface or underlying concrete. There are a wide range of methods available for repairing concrete, including hand applied mortars, filling and injection of cracks, recasting, electro-chemical processes, sacrificial anodes and corrosion inhibitors.

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